Dessert Menu

Italian Cordials and Digestivos

Romana Sambuca $6

From Italy, a licorice flavor liqueur made from aniseed. Served chilled with three coffee beans for good luck!

Limoncello $7

A lemon digestif made from the sweet lemons of the Almafi Coast-served chilled

Ruffino Grappa $7

Italian Brandy distilled from grapes

Tuaca $7

Italian liqueur with hints of orange and vanilla

Averna $7

A specialty of Sicily, its secret recipe of herbs and roots was founded by monks over 200 years ago

Frangelico $6

An Italian favorite made from flowers and berries, sweetened with hazelnuts. Great with coffee

Campari $7

An Italian liqueur made from quinine, the bitter flavor in Campari. The ruby red liqueur is served chilled

Coffee Drinks

House Blend $9

Espresso, Grand Marnier, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Kahlua & Coffee. Topped with whipped cream

Café Amore $7

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Amaretto di Sarnonno & Coffee. Topped with whipped cream

Roasted Almond $8

Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Bailey’s Irish Cream, Frangelico & Coffee. Topped with whipped cream

Nutty Irishmen $7

Frangelico, Bailey’s Irish Cream & Coffee. Topped with whipped cream


Espresso $4

Served in a traditional single shot

Cappuccino $4

Espresso topped with frothed milk and cocoa

Café Latte $4

Espresso topped with steamed milk


After Dinner Martinis $9

Chocolate Martini

Stoli Vanilla Vodka, Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, & Bailey’s Irish Cream

Espresso Martini

Fresh brewed espresso, Grand Marnier, Bailey’s Irish Cream & Kahlua. Served chilled and garnished with 3 chocolate covered espresso beans for good luck!


Godiva Chocolate Liqueur, Kahlua, & Amaretto Di Saronno

Ports and Dessert Wine

  • Taylor LBV Port $6
  • Dows 10 Year Old Tawny $6
  • Presidential 20 Year Old Tawny $7
  • Banyuls, Chapoutier, Dessert Wine $7